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Oriental Ceramic Society - Nine Important Members of the 20th Century / 松声鹿鸣:九位伟大藏家与伦敦东方陶瓷学会

The Oriental Ceramic Society (OCS) was founded in London on January 21, 1921 by 12 collectors of connoisseurs, and has maintained internal exchanges with 12 members for the next ten years. In 1933, the field of the society began to extend from ceramics to various categories of Asian art , also began to accept new members, many famous art historians and collectors joined. In 1935, the epic London International Chinese Art Exhibition, co-organized by the founders of the Society George Eumorfopoulos, Sir Percival David and other members, changed the course Western collection of Chinese art forever. SACA has introduced these great collectors one after another in the past year. This is the first retrospective article about OCS and a great gathering about Chinese art ...


Tranquil Ease:Important Members of the OCS


创始人 - 乔治·尤摩弗帕勒斯

Founding President 1921 - 1939

▲ 乔治·尤摩弗帕勒斯,George Eumorfopoulos,(1863-1939): 东方陶瓷学会创始人,从审美出发,他是推崇唐三彩艺术性的先驱;他有着非凡的敏感度和感受力,在购买第二件青铜器时就已经感受到“一种礼仪的暗示与精神性与他同在”;他创立了东方陶瓷学会(OCS);举办了伯灵顿展览(Burlington Exhibition)

George Eumorfopoulos, (1863-1939): Founder of the Oriental Ceramic Society. From the aesthetic point of view, he is a pioneer who esteems the three-colored art of the Tang Dynasty; He had already felt "a ritual suggestion and spirituality with him" when he bought his first Chinese Ritual Bronze; he founded the Oriental Ceramic Society (OCS); held the 1935 International Chinese Art Exhibition in Royal Academy, London.

点击回顾 Click to Review 2019年5月20日 - 归去来兮:引领潮流的伟大收藏家 - Eumorfopoulos

“乔治·尤摩弗帕勒斯(George Eumorfopoulos)是一位非同凡响的收藏家。当大家觉得拥有非凡的审美品味,令人赞叹的序列收藏就已经足够的时候, Eumorfopoulos先生用其一生完美的展示了一条通向更高境界的路…”

"George Eumorfopoulos is an extraordinary collector. When everyone thinks that having an extraordinary aesthetic taste and an amazing collection of arts is enough, Mr. Eumorfopoulos has perfected his life to shows a way to a higher level ... "

“从审美出发,他是推崇唐三彩艺术性的先驱;他有着非凡的敏感度和感受力,在购买第二件青铜器时就已经感受到“一种礼仪的暗示与精神性与他同在”;他创立了东方陶瓷学会(OCS);举办了1935年伦敦中国艺术国际展览会(Burlington Exhibition)…”

连接有趣的灵魂,Eumorfopoulos先生在完成伟大序列的同时展示出来的贵族精神、分享精神、合作精神、领袖精神都无不指引启迪了无数中国艺术的拥护者。这是真正的以人为本,超越物质占有的另一个境界(Unified Brilliance)。

Connecting interesting souls, Mr. Eumorfopoulos demonstrated the noble spirit, sharing spirit, cooperation spirit, and leadership spirit while completing the great collection, which inspired numerous Chinese art advocates. This is truly spiritual, transcendence of material possession to the realms of unified brilliance.

正如文章的题目一样,当我们回顾Eumorfopoulos序列的时候,我们感受到更多是一个慈祥长者的凝聚力,归去来兮… 像一道在Enbankment一样永远打开的家门,孜孜不倦的为世人引领一条从物质占有到精神自由的漫长回归之路。

Just like the title of the article, when we review the Eumorfopoulos collection, we feel that it is more the cohesiveness of a kind elder tirelessly leading the world from appreciating material to spiritual freedom.


"In presence of mankind's great artwork, almost all clues eventually leads to culture. Upon discovering the clues of culture, one also find interesting souls and the harmony of heaven, earth, and people. Perhaps this is the ultimate purpose of art ..."

Sir Alan Barlow 

第三任主席 - 艾伦·巴洛爵士

President 1943 - 1964  

▲ 艾伦·巴洛爵士担任过英国首相秘书,主持东方陶瓷学会18年,其显赫的收藏序列现藏牛津Ashmolean博物馆、大英博物馆、V&A博物馆:涵盖高古青铜器、三彩、宋瓷。巴洛男爵伉俪一生为教育不遗余力,他贵族式的抉择对收藏家和专家都影响至深。

Sir Allen Barlow served as the Secretary of the British Prime Minister and chaired the Oriental Ceramic Society for 18 years. His prominent collections are now in the Oxford Ashmolean Museum, British Museum, and V & A Museum: covering ancient bronzes, three-colored, and Song porcelain. Baron Barlow devoted all his life to education, and his aristocratic choice had a profound impact on collectors and experts.

「点击回顾 2019年6月11日 - 粹美悠长:贵族式的抉择 - Sir Alan & Lady Barlow


1936年的东方陶瓷学会的一次聚会中,男爵罕见地分享了其收藏理念,鼓舞影响了许多陶瓷学会的会员。1961年退休时,学会特地重新印刷了这篇感性的文章向他致敬 — 「The Collector and the Expert - 思考收藏家与专家」

"Sir Barlow has little explanation for his collection experience. They are activists, and they spread their values and ideas through practical activities such as exhibitions and academic exchanges ..."

At a meeting of the Oriental Ceramic Society in 1936, the Baron rarely shared his collection philosophy, inspiring many members of the Ceramic Society. When he retired in 1961, the Society reprinted this emotional article to pay tribute to him-"The Collector and the Expert".

“在这篇有趣的文章中提到两个很关键的问题:1. 收藏家如何证明自己有用(而不是贪婪、自私、物欲、假标准、随波逐流的?);2. 假设收藏家可以成立,那么他们与专家的之间关系应该是怎样?”

"Two key questions are mentioned in this interesting article: 1. How do collectors prove themselves useful (rather than greed, selfishness, materialism, false standards, follow the wave?); 2. Assuming collectors usefulness can be established, what should their relationship with the experts be? "

要说从这篇充满英国式幽默又逻辑缜密的文章中能体会到什么,那应该是“一种平衡” (a sense of balance):收藏家和专家都应该谦逊的交流,取长补短。专家在拥护科学证据的同时,也要尊重收藏家的“敏锐直觉和经验”;收藏家则是要善用专家的资料来佐证辅助自己的判断。

What we can learn from Sir Barlow's British style of humor and logically meticulous article, is "a sense of balance": collectors and experts should communicate humbly and learn from each other. While experts support scientific evidence, they must also respect the collector's "keen intuition and experience"; collectors also could make good use of expert data to support their own judgments.


Sir Alan & Lady Barlow并没有将自己的所有时间和财富用来登峰造极,相反的,她们在收藏上反对一味的好胜与贪婪;与其独自登顶,不如同舟共进… 这,不就是文化的力量吗?

"Behind Sir Barlow's easy ridicule, he actually demanded connoisseurs and experts with a high standard of aristocracy: he emphasized that collectors must work tirelessly to surpass themselves in order to achieve the pattern of social responsibility; experts are expected to continue to maintain high professional standards in order to become a beacon on the way to connoisseurs' collection ... "

Sir Alan & Lady Barlow does not use all his time and wealth to reach the peak. Instead, they oppose blind wins and greed in the collection; instead of climbing to the top alone, he invites everyone to come along, Isn't this the power of culture?

Sir Herbert Ingram


▲ Sir Herbert Ingram,东方陶瓷学会的长期会员,越窑的收藏尤其出色。英格拉姆爵士的收藏涵盖高古青铜、玉器和陶瓷,以绿色为线索,解脱“材质”对收藏的束缚。 

Sir Herbert Ingram, a long-time member of the Oriental Ceramic Society, has a particularly good collection at Yueyao. Sir Ingram's collection covers ancient bronzes, jadeware and ceramics, using green as a clue to release the "material" from the collection.

“Sir Herbert & Lady Ingram从雨后空林般的翠色中得到对收藏材质的解放和自由,爵士伉俪毕生收藏犹如一曲由青铜、玉器和陶瓷一同奏响的三重奏,粹美悠长,引人深思…”


"Sir Herbert & Lady Ingram gets the liberation and freedom of the collection materials from the green forest-like green after the rain. The Ingram collection is like a trio played by bronze, jade and ceramics. ... "

From a piece of bronze, to a blend of great history and interesting soul. From the forerunners and collectors in the East like Duan Fang; to devotees like the Western collector giant J.P. Morgan, the top dealer Furgerson ... the collision of these interesting souls is not a coincidence, but a necessity.


Sir Harry Garner


President 1967 - 1970

Sir Harry Garner的一生是探寻知识的一生,作为一个科学家收藏家,他从来没有停止过进步。材质、金钱、名誉也从来没有困扰过他的收藏生涯,他是一个全方位的藏家。 哈利戛纳爵士的收藏虽以漆器、明清瓷器数量较多,但其宋瓷藏品的质量却已登峰造极: 他轻松用两只最高品质的传世汝窑盏托,将自己与宋徽宗、宋高宗、寿成皇后的名字紧紧联系在一起…

Sir Harry Garner's life is a life of searching for knowledge. As a scientist collector, he has never stopped progressing. Materials, money and reputation have never bothered him in his collecting career. He is an all-round collector. Although the collection of Sir Harry Cannes includes a large number of lacquerware and Ming and Qing porcelains, the quality of his Song porcelain collection has reached its peak: he easily uses two highest quality heirloom Ru ware cupholder to ascend himself to the level of Emperor Song Huizong and Song Gaozong, his name will forever be linked to the great palace of Shoucheng in history.

点击回顾 2019年7月20日 - 信手拈来:哈利·戛纳爵士的汝窑传奇

他的一生充满情感的感性又不乏知识的理性:1922年左右他联合创立了业余交响乐团Farnborough Symphony Orchestra,并担任大提琴手;他是东方陶瓷学会的第五任主席,多次东方陶瓷学会展览的委员会主席;他是大量学术论文的撰写人,漆器的专家;他是大维德爵士敬仰的人…

所以如果我们要问:如何做一个捡漏汝窑的人? 那么,跳蚤市场上如狙击手般看似轻松的决定性瞬间,其实并不是偶然。与其说哈利·戛纳爵士捕获了汝窑,不如说是汝窑在等待他的到来

His life is full of emotional sensibility: around 1922 he co-founded the amateur symphony orchestra Farnborough Symphony Orchestra and served as a cellist; he is the fifth president of the Oriental Ceramic Society, and has exhibited at many exhibitions Chairman of the committee; he is the author of a large number of academic papers, an expert in lacquerware; he is also admired by Sir Percival David.

One might ponder on the issue of how to spot the precious Ru ware out of a flea market. Well, the decisive moment on the flea market that looks as easy as a sniper is not accidental. It is not so much that Sir Harry Garner captured Ru cupstand, it is more like the Ru piece waiting for his arrival.

Sir Percival David 


▲ Sir Percival David的一生被贴上了三个标签:伟大的瓷器收藏家、伟大的策展人、伟大的教育家。他在20世纪30年代就讨论秘色瓷与越窑,他是元青花纪年罐的主人,他对汝窑的鉴定论文比发现汝窑清凉寺窑址还早将近半个世纪…

Sir Percival David has three labels for his extraordinary life: a great porcelain collector, a great curator, a great educator. He discussed the concept of "Mise - secret colour" porcelain and its connection with Yue kiln in the 1930s. He was the owner of the earliest dated blue and white vase (the David vase) from the Yuan Dynasty, and his scholarly paper on Ru kiln was nearly half a century before the discovery of official site of Ru kiln at Qingliang Temple site.


“不但要有洞察力(Percipience)、图像记忆力(Visual Memory)、灵气(Ingenuity)和不懈追寻(Tirelessness in Persuit),还要有学者般的直觉和素养…(Scholarly Instinct & Discipline)…”

Sir Percival David is an influential collector and he has demonstrated the basic qualities of a great collector:

"Not only must there be insight, visual memory, ingenuity and tirelessness in persuit, but also scholarly instinct and literacy ..."

“大维德爵士是一个好学、正能量的富二代,他善于把握时机,将其显赫的身世、灵气逼人的才华和超人一等的学习能力转化成正能量,无私分享自己的资源和收藏,亲力亲为,砥砺前行… 他一生的好友众多,几乎涵整个20世纪的所有收藏精英,他敬佩的戛纳爵士(Sir Harry Garner)都感慨地赞誉大维德爵士为我们这个时代最伟大的中国艺术鉴赏收藏家…”

"Sir Percival David is a wealthy second-generation student who is eager to learn and has positive energy. He is good at seizing the opportunity to turn his remarkable life experience, his aura of talent and superhuman first-class learning ability into positive energy, sharing his resources and collections selflessly , Personally, forging ahead ... He has many friends throughout his life, including almost all the collectors of the entire 20th century. Sir Harry Garner, whom he admires, praised Sir David the great Chinese art of our time Appreciate collectors ... "

King Gustaf VI of Sweden 


▲ 瑞典国王古斯塔夫六世阿道夫的人生经历令人肃然起敬。他总是知道自己要什么,并毫不犹豫地为其目标奋斗到底。从与玛格丽特公主的婚姻,到对大自然、杜鹃花的喜爱,到考古、建筑、中国艺术的追求,他总是一丝不苟,默默地做到极致,这应该就是真正的北欧贵族精神…

The life experience of Swedish king Gustav VI Adolf is awe-inspiring. He always knows what he wants and fight to his end without hesitation. From his marriage to Princess Margaret, to his love for nature and rhododendrons, to the pursuit of archeology, architecture, and Chinese art, he is always meticulous and silently to the extreme. This is the true reflection of Nordic aristocratic spirit.


When we look at the success of a collector, we always forget that he is equally good in other respects. Gustav VI perfectly showed the world how an ideal collector should put human nature first. The collector should be a living person, not a collection machine.


"The King of Sweden Gustav VI Adolf collected more than 2,600 pieces of Chinese art in his lifetime. The King's collection is a rare and nearly perfect display of the diversity and richness of Chinese art ..."



From the Bronze Age to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, each collection has been carefully screened by the King himself, and shoulders the mission of displaying and spreading the most brilliant side of Chinese art civilization ...

"The creator of this stunning collection sequence has transcended the role of a collector of selfless dedication to Chinese art. Gustav VI is already a well-respected Chinese art scholar and a true wise ... "

Dr. Carl Kempe 


▲ Dr. Johan Carl Kempe 是名声显赫的瑞典工业家、商人、运动员,曾于1912年斯德歌尔摩夏季奥运会勇夺男子双人网球赛银牌。 卡尔·坎普珍罕金银器收藏,在品质的精细挑选和品类覆盖之广度,是艺术拍卖场上前所未见,也是难能可贵的收藏教科书… 

Dr. Johan Carl Kempe is a well-known Swedish industrialist, businessman and athlete. He won the silver medal of the men's doubles in the 1912 Stockholm Olympic Games. Carl Kempe's rare gold and silver collection, the fine selection of quality and the breadth of category coverage, is unprecedented in the art auction. His collection is certainly a valuable and textbook example of connoisseurship.

Alfred Clark 


▲ 阿尔弗雷德·克拉克(Alfred Clark),值得留意的是,几乎所有的克拉克伉俪珍藏,无论是以什么方式传承,经过多少位名家的珍惜,最后返回市场的时候最闪光的名字还是荣归克拉克伉俪。如何成为克拉克,如何造就一个不可磨灭的审美帝国?这也许便是克拉克伉俪为后世留下的一个有趣而又永恒的议题… 

Alfred Clark, it is worth noting that almost all Clarke's collections, no matter how they are passed down, in possession of any famous names, the most shining provenance when they finally return to the market is still Clark.

How to become Clark, and how to create an indelible aesthetic empire? This may be an interesting and timeless quest that Clark left for future generations of collectors and experts.



"Most of Clark's collections were sold instead of donated, but this did not affect their status as collectors. It can even be said that they used the market to create their own way and fame. "

Clark collection is sought-after objects of many industry elites and top collectors: the Clarke Plum bottle purchased by Eiichi Yakuzawa in 1975, the green-glazed rabbit pot of the Railway Foundation and the MOA Art Museum, and the 2014 Clark Ding Washer was collected by Goro Sakamoto. Clark's Guan chrysanthemum lobed washer, Capello's collection of Clarke's black glazed iron-splash Ding dish in 2018, the list goes on.

Ovar Karlbeck 


▲ 卡尔贝克是一位知识渊博的藏家、充满使命感的经销商、值得信赖的经纪人、超越时代的伟大学者;无心插柳柳成荫… 在对的时代,来到对的地方,他却没有让金钱和欲望左右自己的判断,更没有让阶级的烦恼影响自己的步伐。一步一脚印,卡尔贝克的伟大不仅是在坚持,更是在于默默无闻,而正是这样敢于选择平凡付出的贵族精神与气质,人类文明的火种才得以在动荡时代薪火相传…

Karlbeck is a knowledgeable collector, a dealer with a sense of mission, a trustworthy agent, a great scholar who transcends the times; inadvertently inadvertently ... In the right age, he came to the right place, but he did not let Money and desire control their own judgments, let alone the troubles of the class affect their own pace. Step by step, Carl Baker's greatness is not only perseverance, but also obscurity, and it is precisely because he dares to choose ordinary spirit and temperament of nobility, so that the tinder of human civilization can be passed on in a turbulent age.



"How does an ordinary railway engineer win the favor of the King overnight, promote to the upper class, and then become a mysterious buyer trusted by European nobles and museums ...?"

In fact, the answer is very simple. Karlbeck did not win these awards overnight. He did not take any shortcuts: behind all his achievements, he arrived in China from 1906 and left China in 1927, it is Perseverance and Accumulation.

“卡尔贝克是一位知识渊博的藏家、充满使命感的经销商、值得信赖的经纪人、超越时代的伟大学者; 无心插柳柳成荫… 在对的时代,来到对的地方,他却没有让金钱和欲望左右自己的判断,更没有让阶级的烦恼影响自己的步伐。一步一脚印,卡尔贝克的伟大不仅是在坚持,更是在于默默无闻,而正是这样敢于选择平凡付出的贵族精神与气质,人类文明的火种才得以在动荡时代薪火相传…”

Karlbeck is a knowledgeable collector, a dealer with a sense of mission, a trustworthy agent, a great scholar who transcended the times; inadvertently inserting willows into the shadows ... In the right age, he came to the right place, but Let money and desire control your own judgment, let alone the troubles of the class affect your own pace. Step by step, Carl Baker's greatness is not only persistence, but also obscurity, and it is precisely such a noble spirit who dares to choose ordinary pay Temperament, the tinder of human civilization can be passed on in a turbulent age ... "


东方陶瓷学会,一个神一般的组织; 而这九位核心成员,则永远会是中国艺术史上的响当当的名字:他们之中有尊贵的国王,有政府官员,有银行家,有奥运健将,有探险考古学家。身份的不同,却因为毕生的爱好与热情而走到一起, Eumorfopoulos, Alan Barlow, Harry Garner, Herbert Ingram, Alfred Clark, Percival David, King Gustaf, Carl Kempe, Karlbeck,他们构成了光辉灿烂的近代西方收藏史,也改变了整个西方收藏中国艺术的格局。

The Oriental Ceramic Society, a god-like organization; and these nine core members will always be famous names in the history of Chinese art: Among them are the distinguished king, government officials, bankers, Olympic athletes, and Adventure archeologist ...

Different identities, but come together because of hobbies and enthusiasm throughout life. Eumorfopoulos, Alan Barlow, Harry Garner, Herbert Ingram, Alfred Clark, Percival David, King Gustaf, Carl Kempe, Karlbeck, they have formed a glorious modern history of Western collections, and also changed the entire Western collection of Chinese art.

▲ 大维德爵士(左一)与卡尔坎普(中间)、瑞典国王(右三)在1935伦敦中国艺术国际展览会现场,商代安阳武丁方盉,现藏根津美术馆。

Sir Percival David (first from left), Carl Kempe (middle), and King of Sweden (third from right) at the 1935 London International Art Exhibition in London, Bronze Fang He, Anyang in Shang Dynasty, now in the Nezu Art Museum.

“20世纪初期的传奇已经落幕。而100年后的今天,经过一轮基础建设的中华大地又涌出了大量的艺术品,收藏家与博物馆再次面对抉择和机遇, 而谁会继承衣钵,谁将又会成为历史舞台的主角呢…”

"The legend of the early 20th century has come to an end. Today, 100 years later, after a round of infrastructure construction, a large amount of art has poured out in China, and collectors and museums are facing choices and opportunities again, and who will inherit the mantle, Who will be the protagonist of the historical stage ... "


that is the question.


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