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北朝筆記 vol.9 南朝岳州窯蓮花盃:五世紀的精神綻放 - the Lotus Cup Southern Dynasty from the Northern & Southern Dynasties Exhibition by Lam's Gallery.


南朝岳州窯 蓮花盃 / the Lotus Cup Southern Dynasty

Commentary: This exceptionally rare work is believed to be produced in the Southern Dynasties area, excavation shows these items are also present in areas of the Northern Wei period. It’s a spiritual embodiment of the beauty of the Buddha’s kingdom, with graceful lines and clear lotus blossoming quietly inwardly. The concentration of works from the Southern Dynasties in the Northern Wei Dynasty tombs represents the exchange and aesthetic continuity between the North and the South at that time.

根據劉未的《北朝墓葬編年》研究,北魏時期的碗之口徑大者 13 ~ 14 釐米,小者 11 ~ 12 釐米,盞之口徑 7 ~ 8 釐米。根據形制及工藝特徵可區分為甲、乙兩類。


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According to Liu Wei’s Chronicle of Northern Dynasty Burials, bowls from the Northern Wei dynasty have mouths ranging from 13 to 14 cm in size to 11 to 12 cm in size, and calendars from the Northern Wei dynasty have mouths ranging from 7 to 8 cm in size. According to the characteristics of form and craftsmanship, they can be divided into two categories, A and B. Category A, which appeared a little later in the northern part of the country, was the most popular.

乙類,在北方出現時間稍晚,約 6 世紀早期,基本特徵為圓弧腹、假圈 足、足徑小、足壁斜、足底凹,施釉至腹部,有的足底挖出一周凹槽,又可分為敞 口、侈口二型。敞口者見於辛祥墓、元遵墓、染華墓、李弼墓、趙府君墓、吳橋 M1、楊機墓,類似者見洛陽大市出土品、鄂城六朝墓 2、長沙爛泥衝墓、豐都匯南 M83 等。

侈口者見於賈思伯墓、西向墓、楊機墓,類似者見豐都匯南 M8、忠縣大墳壩 M34 等。其中李弼墓、趙府君墓、西向墓所出者內壁刻划蓮瓣紋、中有蓮蓬。

根據窯址調查發掘成果,乙類碗盞可推定為湖南湘陰岳州窯產品 。




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