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宋代筆記 vol.28 吉州窯藍彩月影梅斗笠盞 芝加哥藝術博物館 - Conical Bowl with Blossoming Plum, Art Institute of Chicago.

SACA學會 宋代筆記 vol.28 吉州窯藍彩月影梅斗笠盞 芝加哥藝術博物館

5.6 × 17.8 cm Gift of Russell Tyson 1944.597


藍色不管是在建窯曜變天目、油滴或兔毫中,還是在吉州窯中都是比較罕見的存在,通常都代表十分上乘頂級的質量。這件芝加哥藝術博物館的館藏1944年由羅素·泰森(Russell Tyson)捐贈,目前是全世界範圍內的孤品。十分值得繼續關注,研究。

Conical Bowl with Blossoming Plum

Date: Southern Song dynasty (1127–1279)

Artist: China, Jiangxi province

This bowl’s striking, variegated blue hue was created accidentally during firing, when the iron-rich glaze chemically reacted with a mixture of wood or bamboo ash that was applied to its surface. The original dark brown hue is preserved in the more thinly coated rim and in the hauntingly delicate pattern of blossoming plum that was applied in resist by a stencil of cut paper. As the first flower to bloom in late winter, the plum blossom was associated with beauty, renewal, and fortitude, and became an auspicious motif in Chinese painting and decorative arts during the Song dynasty.


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