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北朝筆記 vol.6 北齊 鄴城皇家供養人一對 - a Pair of Exceptionally Rare Imperial Tribute Attendance.




寶座只有一個,差點當上皇帝的人卻有千千萬萬,後者何足以為傲耶?當偉大經銷商eskenazi被問到,您賣過最貴的一件藝術品是什麼的時候,他回答,not yet。一直往前看,而不是總提當年勇,是藝術提醒人性自律的一部分。


This pair of very special white marble stone statues of tribute attendance is believed to have come from either the City of Ye of the Northern Qi Dynasty or Hebei Province.

The unusual quality of the stone indicates that it may have been imported, which has made the initial authentication process rather challenging. However, the workmanship, the natural aging surface, and the aesthetics of the artwork are impeccable. A good work of art, as Confucius said in his discourse, requires knowledge and, even more so, courage.

It takes a professional and knowledgeable dealer with a discerning eye to recognise a true piece of art, remains as steady as the mountain of Tai, and continues to entice the collector; it then takes a courageous collector with independent thinking to recognized and pay for the cognitive premium. This kind of high-level relationship can only be encountered, not sought.

There is only one throne, but there are thousands of people who are close to becoming emperors, so how can the latter be proud of themselves? When the great dealer eskenazi was asked, ‘What is the most expensive piece of art you have ever sold?’ he replied, ‘Not yet.’

It is part of the discipline of art to remind ourselves of human nature to always look ahead, not to reminisce about the past.

This pair of magnificent marble attendance carries a story of history, the joys and inspirations of which will be revealed in time.


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