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POSTPONED: MAY-JUNE it is, Christie's announced its new auction schedules.

Following the cancellation of Art Basel Hong Kong and Art Central, Christie's announced that it will postpone three auctions in March, including: 1. Evening auction of contemporary art in the 20th century (Hong Kong); 2. Rare and rare wines (Hong Kong); 3. New York Asian Art Week (10 auctions in total).

We have reason to believe that other auction houses, including domestic auction houses in China, will soon take action.

继Art Basel巴塞尔香港、Art Central宣布取消展会之后,拍卖行Christie's宣布延迟3月之三场拍卖,包括: 1. 20世纪当代艺术晚间拍卖(香港); 2. 珍罕名酿 (香港);3.纽约亚洲艺术周(共10场拍卖)。



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