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拍賣筆記 vol.28 正德瓶75.52萬歐元(589.62萬人民幣)巴黎小拍創佳績 - Zhengde Vase Sold for 5.89mRMB(750k euro) in Paris Auction.





On 12 June 2024, the Paris Minor Auction reported that Mayuyama Ryusendo had purchased a Ming Zhengde blue and white vase for RMB 5,890,000 (€755,200), attracting widespread attention.

In recent years, Mayuyama has won a lot of attention with its online gallery and frequent offline exhibitions, and in major auctions, the company has also sent a lot of high-priced lots to auction, such as the recent Sotheby's Kuroda Family Collection Tenmoku teabowl and the unsold black-glazed gilt conical teabowl, which did not have a lot of chances of being picked up by a show of hands, but it seems that this trend has turned around a little bit.

The fact that Chinese art is being bought at high prices by collectors and dealers in other countries should be a positive influence on Chinese culture.

60000 - 80000 EUR

Result with fees

Result : 755 200EUR

CHINE - Epoque ZHENGDE (1506 - 1521)

A baluster vase with a high, flared, poly-lobed neck in porcelain with blue underglaze decoration, the body decorated with lotus flowers in foliate scrolls surrounded by a frieze of banana leaves and ruyi, the foot decorated with a frieze of clouds and foliate scrolls, the neck decorated with a frieze of leiwen, flamed pearl, foliate scrolls and clouds and flanked by two poly-lobed handles supporting rings. The neck bears the four-character Zhengde kaishu mark. H. 44.6 cm Reference: two similar models in the collections of the British Museum, accession number 1947,0712.204 and PDF A.681.

Provenance: Private collection, Paris

According to the Da Ming huidian, Compilation of Ming statutes, in 1369 Emperor Hongwu ordered that porcelain be used for ritual vases, previously made of bronze. These vases were used as part of highly codified state rituals to pay homage to the deceased members of the imperial family and to Heaven, Earth, Sun and Moon. As a result, the Jingdezhen kilns responsible for their production had to meet new quality and technical requirements. This porcelain vase, cast from a bronze, was probably part of a set of five ritual vases. Altar furnishings of this period included, in addition to two handled vases, a perfume burner and two candlesticks.

瓷胎釉下青花纏枝蓮瓣紋花瓶,瓶身飾卷枝蓮花,周圍飾蕉葉和如意紋,底飾雲紋和卷枝葉紋,頸飾雷紋、火珠紋、卷枝葉紋和雲紋,兩側有兩個支撐環的多葉把手。頸部有 "正德年製 "四字款。

高 44.6 釐米

參考文獻:大英博物館藏有兩件類似款式,登錄號分別為 1947,0712.204 和 PDF A.681。


根據《大明會典》、《明成祖實錄》記載,1369 年,洪武皇帝下令使用瓷器製作祭祀用的花瓶,以前這些花瓶都是用青銅製作的。這些花瓶是用來祭奠已故皇室成員和天、地、日、月的高度法典化國家儀式的一部分。因此,負責生產的景德鎮窯廠必須滿足新的質量和技術要求。這個瓷瓶來自青銅造型,可能是一套五個祭祀用瓷瓶中的一個。這一時期的祭壇擺設除了兩個花瓶外,還有一個香爐和兩個燭台。


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