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AUCTION: MORE Cancellation - BONHAMS delay till JUNE, Tokyo Central, Yokohoma also postponed.

Following Christie's and Sotheby's, more established auction houses decided to postpone the auction. Bonhams has just announced that the Hong Kong and New York spring auctions in March have been postponed, and the exact date is yet to be scheduled.


According to the official website of the Asian Art Week in New York, there were four special Bonhans exhibitions, which were held from March 16 to 18, respectively, "Elegant Embellishments, Featuring the RenLu Collection", "Chinese Art Treasures and Paintings", , Himalayan and Southeast Asian art "," Japanese and Korean art ".

根據紐約亞洲藝術週官方網頁,涉事的邦瀚斯專場共有四個,於3月16 - 18日舉行,分別為「Elegant Embellishments, Featuring the RenLu Collection」、「中國藝術珍品和繪畫」、「印度、喜馬拉雅及東南亞藝術」、「日本與韓國藝術」。

Bonhams has decided that the auctions will be postponed until June. However, these four auctions, which were originally scheduled to be held on March 12-19, will be on schedule.

邦瀚斯決定,上述拍賣悉數延期至6月舉行。不過,這四場拍賣原定於3月12 - 19日舉行的精選拍品預展,則如期上演。

In addition to Christie's, Sotheby's, and Bonhams, there are also auction houses in mainland China and Japan mobilizing spring auctions in response to the epidemic:

Tokyo Central | The Tokyo Spring Auction scheduled for March 9-13 is postponed

Yokohama International, Japan | Yokohama Spring Auction scheduled for February 12-16, postponed to April 19-24

Dynasty Auction | Beijing Spring Auction Scheduled for Mid-March


東京中央|原定3月9 - 13日舉辦的東京春拍延後,日期待定

日本橫濱國際|原定2月12 - 16日舉辦的橫濱春拍,押後至4月19 - 24日舉行



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