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青銅筆記 vol.2 夏代鑲嵌獸面紋牌飾,上海博物館對比Eskenazi、二里頭遺址

SACA學會 青銅筆記 vol.2

鑲嵌獸面紋牌飾 夏代 上海博物館對比Eskenazi、二里頭遺址


材質: 銅、綠松石

外觀形式: 牌 工藝:


來源: 傳為2003年6月甘肅臨夏廣河縣城關鎮溫家坪齊家文化遺址出土

主題: 獸面紋





2. 夏都遺址博物館

Turquoise-inlaid Plaque with Taotie-mask Pattern, Late Xia (18th–16th century BCE). Height 16.5 cm, Width 11.0 cm. Unearthed from tomb M11 at the Erlitou site (Block VI), 1984. © Erlitou Site Museum of the Xia Capital

3. Eskenazi


二里頭時期  銅嵌綠松石獸面紋牌飾



河南偃師二里頭曾於1981 年及1984 年分別出土二件近似例,前者的獸面兩角造型較為繁複,後者的造型則較與此器接近,分別著錄於《中國文物精華大辭典– 青銅卷》上海,1996 年,圖版7 號,及《中國文物精華》北京,1992 年,圖版87 號。

美國哈佛大學博物館另藏三件由Winthrop 捐贈的近似例,藏品編號分為1943.52.44、1943.52.45 及1943.52.46。


Eskenazi,倫敦,1991 年7 月


Eskenazi,《Inlaid Bronze and Related Material from Pre-Tang China》倫敦,1991 年6 月11 日- 7 月5 日,編號68

The present plaque is very rare and there are very few published examples. The present plaque appears to be the only example to be offered at auction.

Plaques of this type are thought to be ornaments belonging to high-status individuals of the Erlitou culture. Two very similar plaques have been found in Yanshi County, Henan Province. The first, found in 1981, has a slightly more elaborate design on the top section, while the second, found in 1984, shares an almost identical design to the current plaque bearing only slight differences in details, both with their eyes in original turquoise inlays, illustrated in Zhongguo wenwu jinghua dacidian, Shanghai, 1996, p. 4, no. 7 , and Gems of China's Cultural Relics, Beijing, 1992, no. 87, respectively.

Compare also to three other examples, formerly in the Winthrop collection, now in the Harvard Art Museums, accession numbers 1943.52.44, 1943.52.45 and 1943.52.46.

While prized in Erlitou culture, turquoise inlay was also found in the tombs of high-ranking individuals continuing into the Shang dynasty, and many turquoise-inlaid objects were excavated from the tomb of the Shang queen, Fu Hao, consort of king Wu Ding, at Anyang, Henan province, as illustrated in Yinxu Yuqi (The Jades from Yinxu), Beijing, 1982, pl. 17. There have been several turquoise-inlaid Shang- dynasty works sold at auction, including a Shang dynasty hilt, which has similar inlay to the present lot, and was sold at Christie's Paris, 26 November 2002, lot 199. A turquoise-inlaid bronze and jade ge halberd blade was sold at Christie's New York, 21-22 March 2013, lot 1125.


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