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宋代筆記 vol.43 小山富士夫《宋磁》中的”汝窯“瓷器與日本早期耀州窯認知 - Koyama Fumio Song Ceramics, the Perception of Ru in early 20th Century Japan.





Song Ceramic editor Koyama Fujio, former chairman of the Japan Toyo Ceramics Society, (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Culture and Finance Deliberation Committee, a special member of the famous history of ancient Chinese ceramics and archaeological researchers, its Song Ceramic book includes major museums and private collection of fine Song ceramics 77 pieces, the use of the year's highest printing technology, most of the black and white collodion printing, with color printing patches, printed with extreme clarity. In addition to the description, and marked the collection, the book listed in the world known as the Song porcelain masterpieces. This book academic and ornamental both, is the collection and porcelain appreciation of rare books.

Early Japanese scholars mistakenly identified Yaozhou kiln as Ru kiln, probably because the Yaozhou kiln of the Five Dynasties and Northern Song Dynasty was aesthetically very close to the legendary Ru kiln. The process of recognition, though bumpy, has been passed down as a good story, and on the one hand, it proves that Yaozhou kiln's superb technique and aesthetics are not to be ignored.

The following objects represent the early 20th century imagination of the Song dynasty and the pursuit of high quality Song porcelain.


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