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宋代筆記 vol.29 金代 鈞窯澱青釉八角龍盃 上海博物館藏 - The Jun Dragon Cup, Shanghai Museum

SACA學會 宋代筆記 vol.29 金代 鈞窯澱青釉八角龍盃 上海博物館藏 - The Jun Dragon Cup, Shanghai Museum

金代 鈞窯澱青釉八角龍盃 上海博物館藏

八方盃在南宋時代的龍泉窯盛行過一段時間,由龍泉的大窯、溪口一帶的窯口製作,粉青類胎體較薄,梅子青類釉色瑩潤,也許是來自宮廷的訂單。澱青釉(でんせいゆう)指的是一種因硅酸和磷含量較高而呈現出來的乳濁狀的藍釉。 它產於以河南省禹州鈞窯核心地區。



龍杯定窯的作品也有製作,近年來被認定為霍州窯的產品。宋代幾乎每一個窯口都有生產質量精良的作品,以廣東西村窯、潮州窯的作品為例,在大英博物館的George Eumorfopoulos收藏中就有一件十分著名的鳳首注子。

British Museum: White porcelain ewer, decorated with a phoenix-head and a design of flowers and leaves. Covered in a green-tinged glaze, at one time this ewer had a spout, but does not seem to have ever had a handle. The crisp carving of the ornament, with its slightly modelled relief, is extraordinarily executed. This piece is widely regarded as the finest example of the phoenix-headed vessel type, but the provenance is debated. Similar vases are known from Liao territory, while a more squat form is known from Guangdong province and Southeast Asia. Sherds of a ware similar to the BM ewer have been found at the Xicun kiln site, Guangzhou.

Curator's Comment: Peter Lam's Hills Gold Medal Lecture to the OCS of OCtober 2021 will be published in the forthcoming Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society. Peter has revisited the Eumorfopoulos phoenix headed ewer and attributed new dating and new provenance to this beautiful piece.

Michaelson 2006:

This ewer is widely regarded as the finest known example of the phoenix-head vessel type. Because of the extremely fine modelling of its head, this ewer has been described by scholars as monumental, magnificent and one of the finest Chinese ceramics ever produced. There are no other surviving examples of a head so intricate.

It is not established whether it was made in a northern or southern kiln, as such phoenix-headed ewers were made in Liao territory in the north as well as at the Xicun kiln site in Guangdong province in the south. Its similarity to a more vase-like form may point to a northern origin, but no closely comparable examples have yet been excavated.




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