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POSTPONED: JUNE for Sotheby's New York Auctions, HK auction remains unchanged

As of 8am this morning, the global diagnosed cases of the new Coronavirus from Wuhan exceeded 34,500, and more than 720 people were killed. With the epidemic raging, major art fairs such as Hong Kong's Art Basel and Art Central have been suspended, and Christie's, the international auction house, has announced that the Hong Kong and New York spring auctions have been postponed in March.

Just now, Sotheby's also issued a statement and decided to postpone New York Asian Art Week until June, while Hong Kong spring auctions were held as scheduled in early April, with important chinese art auction scheduled on 8th April, 2020.

Sotheby's Spring Art Week in New York was scheduled to hold the following six special exhibitions on March 16-21: "Modern and Contemporary South Asian Art", "Indian, Himalaya, and Southeast Asian Art", "Yajing Qingling-Kangxi Private Porcelain Collection "," Jungken: Jade "," Treasures of Chinese Art "," Bogu: Asian Art ". Except for "Modern and Contemporary South Asian Art", which is scheduled to be held on March 16th, all the other exhibitions have been postponed until June. The new auction schedule is as follows:


春季紐約亞洲藝術週,蘇富比原定於3月16 - 21日舉辦以下6個專場:「現當代南亞藝術」、「印度、喜瑪拉雅及東南亞藝術品」、「雅静清靈 - 康熙御瓷私人珍藏」、「瓊肯:玉」、「中國藝術珍品」、「博古:亞洲藝術」。如今除了「現當代南亞藝術」按照計劃於3月16號舉行外,其餘場數全部延期至6月,新拍賣日程如上。



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