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STILL NOT POSTPONED? : Sotheby's HK is the only remaining auction in April? 蘇富比香港春拍仍將繼續?

Sotheby's Hong Kong Auction has not yet announced the postponement of the spring auction in early April. It is the auction house that made a reverse thinking during the epidemic, and it is worth admiring. However, with the development of the epidemic and the emergence of multiple new cases in South Korea and Italy, Hong Kong is also facing tremendous pressure. Will it be announced later? Whether such a grim situation can really achieve good results is a question mark. It seems reasonable to postpone in such a context.

It is a big decision for the two men, nicolas chow & kevin ching of sotheby's HK, in the coming week before it's all too late to change.

Sotheby's Nicolas Chow / image © south china morning post

蘇富比香港拍賣還未宣布推遲4月初的春拍大拍,是抗疫期間作出逆向思維的一家拍賣行,值得佩服。 但隨著疫情的發展,韓國、義大利相繼爆發多個新增個案的情況下,香港也面臨著巨大的壓力,是不是接下來會宣布推遲? 如此嚴峻的形勢,是否真的能創下佳績,這是一個問號。 在這樣的語境下推遲,看來也是情理之中了。

Sotheby's Kevin Ching in the Luk Yu Tea House in Hong Kong / Image © Amanda Kho


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